Monday, October 29, 2012

A Drama Appreciator

Wow Grace. Just, wow...Talk about a dramatic start!

I'm a fan of dramas. I love it when I leave the theatre, but I'm still there; what I just saw is still effecting me when I get home. That happened with The Normal Heart, Wit, Dedalus Lounge, The Woman Standing on the Moon... and now Grace.

I'm not going to give a lot of specifics because I think you should see the show. That being said, there's significant foreshadowing in Grace. You receive information at the start that you hold with you throughout. It comes full circle, mostly - and I like that. I like that it's mostly full circle. (See the show and you'll see what I mean.) A structure used in dance, music, theatre - one that I've used a lot - is to end a piece how you start it, to come full circle. But after seeing Grace, I've got a different view. The fact that it was mostly full circle left the audience to fill in the rest, which was easy to do.

Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington, and Ed Asner are the cast of Grace. Something else I appreciate about dramas, that is appropriate to mention now, is the dedication of the actors for performing an emotionally difficult show night after night. Comedies are fun ad light hearted, and might be physically challenging, and occasionally a little emotional, but to perform in a show with a difficult subject matter (Wit, How I Learned To Drive, Porgy & Bess) is presumably emotionally draining. And that, if nothing else, deserves applause and recognition at the end of the show. (Not to speak any less of comedies.) I think it's different with a musical, too, because you have the music (and dance) as an additional outlet.

I know Paul Rudd from Friends, and some movies. (I don't know him know him. Maybe one day :) ) He's known for his comedic roles, there's no doubt about that. He did a great job in Grace, the entire cast did! Ed Asner portrayed Lou Grant in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." among many other things, and it was really nice to see him on stage.

I find it interesting to see where shows drew their inspiration / what other shows they remind me of. Grace had elements of Phantom and... something else that I can't remember now... It'll come to me!

Well written (Craig Wright), well directed (Dexter Bullard), well acted. (Nice creative use of the set as well, Beowulf Boritt.)

Go see Grace, playing the the Cort Theatre on W48th St. (btwn B'way and 6th) through January 6th!

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